Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 27

In Hamburg Currents, Winter 2018 Licht (Mademoiselle Paradis, Light) **** Germany | Austria 2017 Opening February 1, 2018 Directed by: Barbara Albert Writing credits: Kathrin Resetar- its, Alissa Walser Principal actors: Maria-Victoria Dragus, Devid Striesow, Lukas Miko, Katja Kolm, Maresi Rieg- ner MARIA DRAGUS NACH E IN EI NE R DEVID STRIESOW HISTORISCHE N BAR BAR A BE G E BE N HE IT A L BE RT F I L M FRE I N ACH DE M R OM A N “A M ANFANG WAR DIE NACHT MUSIK” VO N A L I S S A WA L S E R MIT MARIA DRAGUS, DEVID STRIESOW, LUKAS MIKO, KATJA KOLM, MARESI RIEGNER, U.A. REGIE BARBARA ALBERT DREHBUCH KATHRIN RESETARITS ROMAN ERSCHIENEN IM PIPER VERLAG KAMERA CHRISTINE A. MAIER SZENENBILD KATHARINA WÖPPERMANN KOSTÜM VERONIKA ALBERT MASKE HELENE LANG TON DIETMAR ZUSON CASTING LISA OLAH SCHNITT NIKI MOSSBÖCK MUSIK LORENZ DANGEL HAMMERKLAVIER SONJA LEIPOLD SOUNDDESIGN CHRISTIAN CONRAD TONMISCHUNG ALEXANDER KOLLER VFX MATTHIAS HALIBRAND GRADING STEFAN CIUPEK KO-PRODUKTION & PROJEKTENTWICKLUNG URSULA WOLSCHLAGER, ROBERT BUCHSCHWENTER, WITCRAFT PRODUKTIONSLEITUNG GERHARD HANNAK, ALEXANDER SÄIDOW HERSTELLUNGSLEITUNG MICHAEL KITZBERGER, JAN MÜLLER PRODUZENTEN MICHAEL KITZBERGER, MARTINA HAUBRICH, WOLFGANG WIDERHOFER, NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER, MARKUS GLASER, GUNNAR DEDIO EINE PRODUKTION DER NGF NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER FILMPRODUKTION GMBH UND LOOKS FILMPRODUKTIONEN GMBH W W W.LICHT-PARADIS-FIL M .COM Losing her sight in childhood, Maria Theresia (Dragus) is an 18-year-old musical prodigy cel- ebrated and active in Viennese society. Understandably, the ivo- ry keys and her vocal cords are a release for her feelings, and pas- sions. Basking in her limelight, Herr and Frau Paradis (Mik o, Kolm) orchestrate all aspects of their daughter’s practice and per- forming schedules, and life. A celebrated doctor agrees to treat “Resi” in 1777. At his private clin- ic, various odd patients are under Franz Anton Mesmer’s (Striesow) care; his methods are controver- sial, albeit successful. Initially Agnes (Riegner), assigned to help Resi, entertains herself at the blind patient’s expense. Just as Resi needs time to explore her new environment’s challenging contrasts. Warily she approaches other patients, group sessions, tactile signals, and interactions. Even the doctor, although they share one passion: “I feel like a general [when performing]” Resi acknowledges, just as Mesmer of- ten ends sessions playing a glass harmonica. Stripped of society’s fashionable adornments, in this unconstrained environment Resi learns to take risks and fend for herself. Her eyesight begins im- proving, affecting her musical prowess. Panicking, “Who is she without her music?” the Paradis’ make a precipitous decision. Un- beknownst to them, Resi is now wont to having an opinion. Alissa Walser’s novel, Am An- fang war die Nacht Musik (Mes- merized) is based on historical facts. Following Walser’s lead, and Kathrin Resetarits’ screen- play director Barbara Albert care- fully composes Licht’s tempo: al- tissimo, to lilts, melancolico, and dissonance. Production values are unfalteringly sound: Chris- tine A. Maier’s camerawork, Niki Mossböck’s editing, Lo- renz Dangel’s expansive music, and Katharina Wöppermann’s admirable set designs. Maria Theresia von Paradis did go on to tour throughout 18th-century Eu- ropean courts and concert halls. Including Hamburg, Germany where she met “the Berlin Bach,” musician C. P. E., fifth son of Bach Johann Sebastian Bach. In 2017 Li- cht screened at Fimfest Hambug. 97 minutes (Marinell Haegelin) Maze Runner: Die Auswerwähl- ten in der Todeszone (Maze Run- ner: The Death Cure) ***** USA 2018 Opening February 1, 2018 Directed by Wes Ball Writing credits: T.S. Nowlin Principal actors: Rosa Salazar, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O’Brien. Flying out over the abandoned landscape comes two roaring all- terrain vehicles making a daring rescue attempt on a train carry- ing a group of young passengers who are being held against their will. They are immune to a virus, which is wiping out the human population all over the world. Un- fortunately the medical/military organization W.C.K.D has decid- ed that they need to perform tests on these subjects to find a cure no matter what the costs. Direc- tor Wes Ball made sure that it is not only action packed but has a story, which can stand on its own two feet. Unlike many other films in this action genre, the charac- ters have personalities; the script will surprise you at every turn, and the unseen enemy will be sneaking up, right when you are settling down in your seat. It’s unclear if it will be the monster- faced rebels outside the walled city or the medical team holding the syringes which will be mak- ing you scream in your seat, but either way this film is definitely worth the money. Based on the novel by James Dashner. (Shelly Schoeneshoefer) Criminal Squad (Den of Thieves) ** USA 2018 Opening February 1, 2018 Directed by: Christian Gudegast Writing credits: Christian Gude- gast, Paul Scheuring Principal actors: Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Pablo Sch- reiber, Evan Jones, 50 Cent Los Angeles, the bank robbery capital of the world, is where Nick Flanagan (Butler) is head of the Major Crime Squad in the County Sheriff’s Department. Nick’s elite squad is on the trail of the most successful gang of bank 27