Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 22

In Hamburg American Women’s Club of Hamburg Theater in Hamburg Behold! What Price for Beauty by Marinell Haegelin The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde at English Theatre with Paul Glaser directing The first published version of the Irish playwright and poet’s only novel ap- peared in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890, albeit relieved of 500 words unbe- knownst to its author. One-hundred-twenty- five-years later this witty adaptation by Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde’s only grandchild, and John O’Connor—includ- ing aforementioned removed text—was performed first in April 2015. Andrew Horton (Dorian Gray); Credit for Photos: © Kock, ETH A proponent of the Aesthetic Movement, Wilde’s novel scandalized 19th century Victorian Eng- land with its opposing themes about youth, innocence, and art. It has inspired countless adaptations in cinema and television, literary, operatic and musical versions. Wilde’s legacy includes plays, epigrams, Dorian Gray, and events leading to his incarceration, exile and early death. The loquacious Lord Henry, prone to pepper- ing conversations with cynical observations, is looking over the artist’s shoulder when Basil’s subject arrives at the studio. Dorian’s reaction at seeing his self-portrait surprises Basil, who is fascinated by the young man’s beauty. On the other hand, Dorian and Henry commence a friendship. Henry—disposed to being a per- nicious muse—nurtures Dorian’s egotism by espousing the importance of beauty and plea- sures. Distraught at the idea of aging, Dorian utters a wish to remain young while the por- trait ages. Subsequently, he blithely embarks on a licentious, sybaritic lifestyle for twe GFVW7GVW2V'22&6BV'F&V7Fr2Vv6W"FRFVG&^( 2766FPF&V7F"v6RWFV662'&rF26760FƖfRv6W"W6W2V7FvR66WBFW0WWG&ƗrFR76RBWGFrf7W2FPFW72F2v&FV6( 26WBFW6vЦ6VFW2f&R&2FBFR7F'2&W6FF&VvWCFR67B6vVFvW2WWfW"Цr7FvR&22ƖRV&rF&FR&76PB&V6W26V6BGW&R&B6vW2`W&B67GVW2W6VVBƖvFrFW6vf&VvF&vW62BVFP6VBVffV7G27W"FRvFVG&6VBFRVFV6RvF6W2F6Fbv@2F6Rv6W"6FV6FVBF6rVFЦV6W2FR"ЧG&BBp2F&vW0B6vW2vFFV&V6W'F7F'Fr06R&VWFgVfVGW&W2@&GV7F0FF2V֖ǒ''BVgBBFFvV&vR&v@#"wwrv6'W&r&