Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 20

AWCH Members and Events American Women’s Club of Hamburg KinoCritics Annual Awards Shindig a Winner Of all the awards shows threaten- ing to rob the genre of any cachet (hello People’s Choice Awards!), only the granddaddy of them all, the Academy Awards, has main- tained any of the romance of Old Hollywood. Perhaps it’s through sheer longevity: who else can tug at our collective heartstrings with clips from Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz and say, “We were there, we loved them first” like Oscar? So, despite the annual grumping about the campastic musical numbers, the stale presen- tation banter, and the obsession with ball gowns (OMG is Emma Stone wearing pants?), these may finally be the elements we hold most dear – at least those of us who, with no dog in this fight, still gather in someone’s liv- ing room and get all worked over the spectacle of it all. And why else would we be moved to play Oscar bingo, a game in which the squares consist of those same predictable elements we claim otherwise bore us silly (co-presenters speak in unison, audience applauds itself, win- ner thanks God, etc.)? And yet there we were, all available reviewers of KinoCritics, as well as the club’s media Cur- rents Magazine and, bingo cards in one hand (thanks to Tracy Moede, a fine student of Oscar culture) and Oscar best- guess sheets in the other, piled like puppies around the big-screen TV of our very patient host, Nancy Tilitz, who graciously lent her beautiful art-filled home to the annual film group Oscar party on March 5. Hollywood’s magical night became our magi- cal morning, thanks to time zones and Nancy’s DVD player. Perhaps in the Current Big Issue spirit of female supportiveness (and we were all female, save one intrepid young man who helpfully fast-forwarded through the com- mercials —thank you, Adrian Schoeneshoefer- Schäfer!) the viewing was almost entirely snark-free. This was either refreshing or disap- pointing, depending on one’s taste for Schaden- freude. But the passion here was for film and all that goes into it, because this is what we love, and these meetings cement for us the fun, so- cial aspect of what is otherwise a fairly solitary pursuit – watching a film, then going home and writing about it. As is our wont, we are 20 all opinionated, and yet discourse stayed civil and enjoyably educational. Good food helps in this regard, and the group indulged happily on everything from breakfast fare from Stella Kwong-Riechman and Leonie Hentschel to Carola Amsinck’s dips and assorted teas from new member Addy Gonzales. Our KinoCritics website, with over 2800 re- views, has become a true resource for film criticism past and present. To cover costs, and because it’s fun to both get and get rid of stuff, our Osca ȁ䁡ѕ́еٕȁͥЁՌ)ѥ䁽ȁݸȁȰ )QAѥ́յѡɽ՝ѡȁ٥ȴ)Յѥ́ȁՍѥȁ-ɕAф)ɽͱ͕Ёѕ́ɽѡMչ)ѥم]ͥєԁ-ѕɕ)ѕѡɕձѥչ́ݡ)ݥхѡ- ɥѥ́ݕͥєѡɽ՝))չ)ѡȁՕѡͥɍ́M)ٕ役݅́ѥٕ䁉ѡ)ѥѡ ЁAɔ݅ɐɅѡ)ѡݔձѕȁݸ݅ɑ)Ʌձѥ́ѼMѕ-ݽI)ՍѕՕͥѡЁ=͍ȁݥ̰)ݥѠѕȀ䁽ЁЄ)5ѡȰ)MMM͡ȁݕ)ݥѠЁݥ́Qɕ)5]ѡ%ٕ)ѽՍ9ɽ٥൝=͍)хՕѕ́Ѽȁ̰ݥѠݡѡ)͕ݥѠեɥ Ё́ѡͅ䁥)111ݔɔݥ́ɔ5ͽ))5