Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 11

Time to Reset Currents, Winter 2018 Holly T. “My favorite place to get away from it all is by the sea in Cape Cod, where my family spends summers. In the winter months I love swimming in sunshine, fog or snow at Festland in Altona, a heated outdoor pool in Hamburg open year-round.” Charis H. Membership Chair “Holidays are the perfect time to unwind and „unmind“ (to forgive and forget all that is plaguing one‘s mind), as we say in my family. I enjoy a lengthy massage to loosen up and thereaf- ter to relax under palm trees with a good book. Resolutions? Be true to your own self, the same procedure as every year.” Activities Chair Teresa P.yL. “My favorite place to go is Ireland—our house is on the beach. To unwind I like a Thai Massage, makes me feel like I am back in Asia in a hot climate; I can dream. Resolutions? ….this year I said, “Be happy with yourself and travel.” Events Coordinator Carol S. “I love a long walk through the Jenisch Park, down to Teufels- bruck, along the Elbe River to Blankenese, breakfast at my favorite Cafe, and back home through the Blankeneser Treppen- viertel and Hirsch Park. It’s close to home but the landscape, river and sky can tell spectacular stories and take me away.” FAWCO Rep Carol H. “Shut my eyes and imagine I am soaking up the California sun. Going for a run is the best way to clear my head. Resolutions ? Keep trying to build habits, not make resolutions.” Currents Editor 11