Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 10

Time to Reset American Women’s Club of Hamburg We asked our new Board Members— Where they go and what they do to Reset? Any Resolutions for 2018 ? Lyn H. “My husband and I love the city of Deia in Mallorca, Spain. It’s one of the most peaceful places we’ve ever been. Definitely a tran- quil retreat. My resolutions are (1) eat less/no processed foods; (2) increase running mileage; (3) be more patient.”  President Suzana Z. “My advice to everyone is to believe in your- self—anything is possible if you put your mind in to it.” Vice-President Shelly S. “I am a nature person so I like to go to some place where there are no people and I can listen to the sounds of the forests. Starting anew is important. It starts with what I would like to do differently and how I will accomplish it. This year I am con- centrating on learning the game of chess—it’s fun to learn strategy and tactics.” Secretary Tracy M. Treasurer 10 “I love the French Atlantic, south of Bordeaux. Sun, sand and water. No TV, radio or screens. Pure Bliss! Your favou- rite spa? My husband I go on a weekend “retreat” every November. We eat out, sauna, steam bath and get massages. I can highly recommend Das Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Binz auf Rügen. Resolution? Yoga!”