Currents March/April 2017

MARCH/APRIL 2017 A Digital Newsletter of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission LOCAL WATER DIVERSIFIES OUR SUPPLY Groundwater has long been an essential part of our state’s water supply. Most Californians depend upon it, and have been doing so safely for generations. Later this month we will start pumping water from deep within the local Westside Basin aquifer. This groundwater will be treated and blended with the surface water in our San Francisco reservoirs, and then distributed all over the City. Groundwater makes our water supply more resilient. All of the water we serve meets or exceeds state and federal water quality standards. To learn more about our Local Water program visit Are you Prepared? Hunt Down Those Leaks! New LED Streetlights: Better Light, Safer Streets Upcoming Events page 2 >> page 4 >> page 5 >> page 7 >>