Currents Digital Currents Nov/Dec 2017

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 A Digital Newsletter of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission WINTER IS COMING. ARE YOU PREPARED? Autumn 2017 began with devastating hurricanes and fires that ravaged parts of the country. These events highlight the importance of investing in our water and sewer systems that provide critical services while protecting public health and the environment every day. Here in San Francisco, we partner with our ratepayers to prepare for whatever Mother Nature brings our way. Here’s more on the projects and programs taking place across our service area and how you can get involved. We are nearing completion of our Water System Improvement Program to ensure we can continue to provide reliable high-quality drinking water: We are making critical upgrades to our aging sewer system to ensure our facilities are prepared for more extreme weather, sea level rise and the next big earthquake: We are partnering with community volunteers through our Adopt a Drain program to ensure stormwater can enter catch basins in heavy rains: We and a number of City Partners are enhancing our RainReadySF initiatives to help residents who live in low-lying areas prepare for wet weather and minimize their flood risk: These investments are critical. By continuing to invest today, we can avoid expensive and disruptive emergency repairs and reduce risks to public health and the environment. These programs are long-term investments in the services and infrastructure we all depend on. Help SF Be #fatberg Free San Francisco’s Symphony Music is Solar Powered Planners, Rejoice: Get your FREE 2018 Calendar! It’s Rainwater Harvesting Season PAGE 2>> PAGE 3>> PAGE 4>> PAGE 6>>