Currents Digital Currents January/February 2018 - Page 3

High Impact Learning for San Francisco High School Students We believe that connecting student learning to professional development allows for a deeper, more engaged scholastic environment. As a result we are partnering with the SFUSD to create a new educational career awareness program at John O’Connell High School. In this pilot program, our staff — engineers, analysts and project managers — share real-world science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects which are added to the student’s day-to-day curriculum. Students learn about green infrastructure, wastewater treatment, water conservation and climate change mitigation while getting exposed to potential career paths in the water/wastewater industry. We are excited to prepare the next generation of environmental Photo Credit: John O’ Connell High School stewards, linking students to careers in the City we call home. Visit our education program at and the SFUSD Careers in Technical Education page: 3 currents | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE