Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 54

INDUSTRYNEWS CMS Launches Redetermination Project Regarding A5513 Process contours to the device. This is a total of three transfers, during any of which the human element can cause deviation, loss of detail or error. Having the scan of the foot used to produce the shell of the device directly eliminates one of those transfers of the contour which logically can only serve to increase accuracy. Additionally, CMS’ assertion that this is the case seems incongruous with the fact that they find this same technology acceptable when reimbursing for prostheses whose sockets are increasingly being manufactured on 3D printers. There seems to be no issues with the fact that these devices, with their highly complex shapes and requisite extraordinarily intimate fit, are produced with no physical casts. Sockets produced in this fashion have produced excellent results. PFA encourages all of our Vendor Members that hold current PDAC approval letters to get their applications for reassessment submitted as soon as possible. PDAC estimates that it will take approximately 90 days for them to process each application. Given the fact that they are now going to get flooded with applications, that time frame is likely to rise. For our Regular Members, keep in close contact with your suppliers. In the meantime, PFA will be utilizing the platform of the seats we hold on the CMS Regional Councils to try to force the LCD to be reexamined so that our patients can benefit from access to the most advanced technology available. After all, do the patients deserve less? -PFA Figure 2: PDAC Website - Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding References: 1. DME MAC Joint Publication article: 2. CMS Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC): up=160&manufacturer=&productsearchsubmit.y=15&productsearchsubmit.x=16&pro ductName=&hcpcsCode=A5513&modelNumber= 52 Pedorthic Footcare Association