Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 47

compliance monitor to avoid draining the in-shoe power cell during initialization and to ensure that the compliance data can be uploaded regardless of the status of the in-shoe power cell. Additionally, it is necessary to develop an app on the PC that provides the clinician with a convenient user-interface for initializing the compliance monitor and for uploading and using the recorded compliance data. REFERENCES: Acknowledgements: This work was funded in part by the Pedorthic Footcare Association. [3] FlexiForce A201 Sensor. Tekscan, Inc. Online [1] Abdul Hadi Abdul Razak, Aladin Zayegh, Rezaul K. Begg, and Yufridin Wahab, Foot Plantar Pressure Measurement System: A Review, Sensors 2012, 12, 9884-9912; doi:10.3390/s120709884 [2] FSR Integration Guide. Interlink Electronics. Online at php. Accessed August 9, 2017. at force-sensors/a201. Accessed August 9, 2917. A WAY TO DETERMINE THAT THE THERAPEUTIC SHOE IS BEING WORN IS TO SENSE THE PRESSURE EXERTED BY THE PATIENT’S FOOT ON THE INSOLE. Current Pedorthics September/October 2017 45