Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 43

NOTE FROM ROB SOBEL, IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: PFA asked for input from its membership what they would like to see us do. To our surprise, one of the most popular responses was, seeing PFA involved in research. As always, the PFA Board of Directors takes such input with the utmost seriousness, and if we can make it happen, we do. Two years ago, while out in California, I was intro- duced to Dr. Warren Smith and other members of the California State University, Sacramento. They are a great group of people, and working with them on this project has been very gratifying, and we expect there will be positive outcomes in a multitude of ways for all involved. Due to the research information not being complete, and not wanting to “tilt our hand” too much, the article is abbreviated, but we did want to share what we could with our members. Current Pedorthics September/October 2017 41