Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 41

and will provide you with a comprehensive plan of care for your patient. Later that same day we will be treated to her presentation called “Diabetic Offloading-Getting back to the basics: understanding different pedorthic modalities.” The concept that a shoe and insert are the only options for the diabetic at risk foot is passé. Today the opportunity to offload pressure areas and use technology and material selections is keeping diabetics safe and ambulating. Ms. Alpert will present different lower limb orthotic offloading devices including how and when to apply these modalities to assure the best patient outcomes. She plans to share real patient case studies and together discuss the approach to keeping people healthy on their feet. Teresa says “Patient education and compliance are the focus of how we can make a difference. The CDC reports that 40% of American’s will have diabetes. This is a huge impact on our healthcare and economic systems. A little prevention is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pedorthics is positioned to be a major profession in helping set the standards of ambulatory care.” Teresa offers simple, yet brilliant advice to women, and men, entering the field of Pedorthics today: “Do what you love to do and it will love you back.” 4225 S St. Rt. 159, Suite 1 Glen Carbon, IL 62034 866-798-7463 Hand Crafted Othothics For • Casual • Sport • Dress • Specialty SHOES • 3-D Scanner • Foam Impression Boxes Our Mission Is To Use Innovative Technology, Quality Products And Superior Customer Service That Reflect Our Commitment To Our Customers And Our Industry. She explains, “It’s all about listening and helping people every step of the way. Visit many facilities; get on the fitting stool first, even if just to observe, or volunteer. Training happens when you are touching your patient.” • • • Current Pedorthics September/October 2017 39