Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 38

LEADING LADIES IN PEDORTHICS Later, Teresa worked for over 10 years as a primary Orthotist, Pedorthist and Podiatric Medical Assistant at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland under the supervision of Dr. Bradley Lamm, where she was 36 Pedorthic Footcare Association breast prosthesis and Charles filled the chemo prescription. While treating these clients she noticed that when the women walked they compensated for the amputation of the breast and muscle. “That’s what took me down the rabbit hole to orthotics and biomechanics. I went to Northwestern for the O&P program and then to Ball State to learn even more about lower limb mechanics. The pharmacy was the Diabetic Service Center in the Baltimore area and we taught patients how to use glucose monitors and promoted healthy eating and exercise programs. I carved out an area in the store to do foot evaluations and measure and fit shoes for people with diabetes that qualified for the Therapeutic Shoe Bill under Medicare” Teresa explains. She used every opportunity to make the pharmacy a one stop shop for medications, homeopathy, ostomy supplies, compression therapy, DME, and O&P.