Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 28

STANDING ON THE JOB PREVENTION TREATMENT Diet Compression Stocking Endovenous Laser Treatment Regular Exercise Endovenous Foam Treatment Phlebectomy VARICOSE VEINS “I would encourage anyone to get a consult if they’re having any questions about possible symptoms – or chronic issues with their legs,” said Bragdon. “The biggest surprise to me was that all of those things that I was feeling could be caused by veins.” 26 Pedorthic Footcare Association RECENT RESEARCH Bragdon’s experience is far from unique. Several studies in the past five years have attempted to investigate the prevalence of varicose veins among professionals who work long hours on their feet. In 2015, research reported in the International Journal of Nursing Practice looked at the relationship between the occupational and demographic hazards that characterize varicose veins and their intensity among nurses. Bragdon’s stamina at work continues to improve. Her body continues to reabsorb the once-faulty veins as she awaits her final check-in with the phlebologist this Fall.