Current Pedorthics September-October 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 5 - Page 10

FROM THE EDITOR CHRIS COSTANTINI PFA President Are You Following PFA On Our Social Media Networks? Connect NOW with PFA and Others in the Pedorthics Community! Don’t miss out on the latest announcements and current topics we’re discussing on social media 24/7. ell, Summer is over for most of us. With the return of the kids to school, the bustle of the back to school sales are over. It is time to get set for the cooler weather and upcoming holiday business. The hiking boots are coming out, replacing the water shoes and flip flops. This issue features some unique articles and some new authors. Tanya Rivers asks us to take a look at our customer service from a different angle. This is a unique approach that I think you will find interesting. Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen contributes an article about venous disease that is for us, the weary retailer and clinician who spend innumerable hours on our feet, walking lead-legged while 8 Pedorthic Footcare Association taking care of clients and patients. Tara interviews Teresa Alpert, another pedorthic icon, in our ongoing series about the Women of Pedorthics. I am very proud to say that we have the first paper giving us a look at research PFA has partnered with California State University, Sacremento to conduct. We solicited your opinions in a recent survey and heard loud and clear from the Membership that it was important that PFA promote research that is meaningful and useful in practice. This is our first project and it looks quite promising! Please, read on and enjoy this issue of Current Pedorthics. I’ll see you soon in Florida! ■ Chris Costantini Executive Editor See what the PFA is doing today on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and O and P Social for the latest industry and practice buzz! Join us by clicking on any icon below! O&P NOTE: Often the "From the Editor" column is an embedded video. If the image above has a "red play button", simply click the "play" button to start the video. There is also included a tran- script below for those that download a hard copy or a printable PDF file. We hope you enjoy this addition to Current Pedorthics and please let us know what you think! Comments or Questions on the video email: cpmagazine@pedor- Any other inquiries email: