Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 7

current Pedor thics WINTER ISSUE November/December 2017 Volume 49, Issue 6 Features 16 | The Importance of Belonging 22 | A Case Report with Biomechanical By Christopher Costantini, C.Ped In this article, Chris points out the benefits of being a member of PFA and looks at the value of belonging to the only organization representing the credentialed pedorthist. Analysis of an Achondroplastic Dwarf with Limb Length Discrepancy Conducted by Ebony L. Love DPM, James McGuire DPM PT LPed, Howard Palamarchuk DPM, Ziad Labbad MD DPM CPed, and Anthony Camarada BS This case report examines Achondroplasia, more commonly known as a type of dwarfism, through a patient with this condition and seeks to implement solutions to manage the different manifestations of this disease. "Achondroplasia, more commonly known as a type of dwarfism, is an autosomal dominant genetic syndrome that affects about 0.36 to 0.50 per every 10,000 live births in the USA." Departments | From the President 8 | From the Editor 6 10 | Featured Contributiors 42 | Marketplace 14 | PFA News 44 | Products & Services Current Pedorthics November/December 2017 5