Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 47

PRODUCTS&SERVICES package; protective, supportive, comfortable, and not to mention, discreet. Truly one-of-a-kind in the world of bunion treatments. The newest in bunion treatment to help manage your bunion pain and best of all - it doesn’t involve surgery! San Luis Obispo, CA Phone: (877) 208-4540 Email: Website: C.N. Waterhouse Leather Co., Inc. (1998) Manufacturer and distributor of fine leathers, woolskins, suede pig-skins, sheet goods and adhesives for use in the pedorthic footwear and orthopedic industries. Hyannis, MA Phone: (800) 322-1177 Fax: (508) 771-2300 E-mail: info@waterhouseleather. com Website: www. Dr. Comfort (2004) Dr. Comfort manufactures, warehouses and distributes the finest quality extra-depth shoes for diabetics or patients who need quality comfort shoes. Mequon, WI Phone: (800) 992-3580 Fax: (262) 242-9300 Email: Website: Drew Shoe Corporation (1968) Men’s and women’s depth and comfort footwear in over 150 sizes. Lancaster, OH Phone: (800) 837-3739 Fax: 740-654-4979 Email: customerservice@ Website: Finn Comfort (1993) Luxury comfort footwear. Men’s and women’s walking shoes, sandals and boots featuring removable/modifiable orthopedic footbeds. Hand-crafted in Germany. Thousand Oaks, CA Phone: (805) 375-0038 Fax: (805) 375-0848 Email: Website: Foot Solutions (2012) Feet are your foundation for life. At Foot Solutions, we use the most advanced technology combined with a full understanding of biomechanics of feet and gait, along with the highest quality footwear on the planet to fit your unique feet. Through our customized solutions, we will improve your comfort and body alignment and help you achieve better health through your feet. Marietta, GA Phone: (888) FIT-FOOT Fax: (770) 953-6270 Website: Frankford Leather Company, Inc. (1997) Frankford Leather Co., Inc., is your single source supplier for your pedorthic shoe repair and shoe store supply needs. In stock, more than 8,000 products are available for immediate shipment. Representing major brands and lines like Vibram, Soletech, Spenco, Powerstep, Pedifix, Pedors, Orthofeet, Kiwi; shoe care, adhesives, leather and more. Free catalog available. Bensalem, PA Phone: (800) 245-5555 Fax: (215) 244-4411 Email: sales@frankfordleather. com Website: www.frankfordleather. com Gadean Footwear (2010) Gadean Footwear is the largest orthopaedic shoemaker in Australia. Gadean Footwear provides retailers with washable slippers, motion shoes, fashion shoes, depth shoes, removable insole sandals and many more products. Malaga, Western Australia, Australia Phone: 61-8-92486533 Fax: 61-8-92486711 Email: info@gadeanfootwear. Website: www.gadeanfootwear. Goodhew, LLC (2012) Goodhew, a leader in the ModernCraft movement, spins fresh designs, natural performance yarns, and the heritage of American craftsmanship to create high performance socks for the everyday world. Goodhew: a sock for every walk in the walk of life. Chattanooga, TN Phone: 423-643-0821 Fax: 423-643-0825 E-mail: eeckardt@goodhew. Web site: Guard Industries, Inc. (1996) Components for shoe care, foot comfort, orthotics and prosthetics. Complete listing of available products will be sent upon request. St. Louis, MO Phone: (800) 535-3508 Fax: (314) 534-0035 Email: Website: Haflinger/Highlander (Gerda Hoehm) (1999) Boiled wool slippers, latex arch support, felt and leather clogs, cork molded footbed. Highlander is Gerda Hoehm’s new high-quality comfort line with a removable footbed. Both Haflinger and Highlander are made in Germany. New York, NY Phone: (212) 949-6767 Fax: (212) 949-8833 Email: haflingerny@worldnet.att. net Hapad, Inc. (1988) Hapad is a leading manufacturer of 100% natural wool felt foot products and sports replacement insoles used for conservative management of common, painful foot complaints. Correctly skived and adhesive backed for a quick and easy fit, Hapad products are an affordable alternative to custom made devices or they can be used to make custom modifications. Bethel Park, PA Phone: (800) 544-2723 Fax: (800) 232-9427 Email: Website: Honeywell Safety Products (2013) NEOS overshoes provide a tough barrier between everyday footwear and the harsh elements of nature. Wear over your favorite, comfortable shoes or boots with confidence that feet and footwear will stay warm and dry. NEOS are extremely lightweight and easy to g WBBfbvFFffW&VBVvG27VF@G&7FFffW"FR&vBV@b&FV7FT22P6fW&VB6֗FfVB$SCsSr#S0fC#32scCRâVfW"7G&GvW$WvV6ХvV'6FSwwrfW'6R6Фr6W&6R2#2r6W&6R2267VW VFBVF6FWf6PVf7GW&W"6VƖr&GV7G0v&BvFRW"&v2vW&RFW6vFWfVVB6W&6pB&WFr67VFrp6W&6RG26WfW&FVG2@2FR7&VF"bFRfFfP'F6VWfR'&FVB&GV7G0be3b6&W76fB6VWfS53b6&W766b6VWfS3bFVVR6VWfSU3`6&W76V&r6VWfS@FRFW&6fBG&VFV@77FVr6W&6R6ffW'0Tf"6&W76vV"@'FVF27W'B7'G2&V&ƗFFBF&WF2f@6&RFVW&W2&V֗VЦ'&G2आ6'0S#SRCfsrc3RS#RâFvv4w6W&6R6ХvV'6FSwwrw6W&6R6Ф6b622ࢃ#B6RFf6F6VG2fB6f'B&GV7G2B6P&W"7WƖW2&GV7G2g&ФWG&W7V6f'&@6WFV6w&FRV''0SsB#sSScfsB#sS#cVâ6vG7G&VW@7W'&VBVF'F72fV&W"FV6V&W"#pC