Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 39

rich objective data to help advise and motivate patients. The key findings of our case report suggest that wound recurrence may be prevented with use of a real-time pressure-based feedback in patients with an insensate foot and a healed ulcer. Future studies with longer term follow up are indicated to examine the specific behaviors that are associated with favorable outcomes. • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: We would like to thank Lou Iannuzzi, PT, DPT, CPed, and the Pedorthic Foot Association for this opportunity to share our work. FOOT ULCERS Foot ulcers can occur as a result of loss of protective sensation and coordination of muscle groups in the foot. Diabetic foot lesions are responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication of diabetes. AMPUTATION The results of neuropathy can be catastrophic. Up to 1% of diabetics will lose a limb as a result of peripheral neuropathy. Current Pedorthics November/December 2017 37