Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 36

REAL TIME FEEDBACK FOR ULCER PREVENTION: A CASE REPORT We recently presented a case report (accepted, lateral right plantar foot ulcer measuring 3 cm Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global in diameter with surrounding callus. After three Open) detailing the use a novel pressure-sensing years of unsuccessful wound management, smart insole system to prevent recurrence a including offloading and local wound care, patient with a chronic neuropathic lateral the patient underwent surgery for definitive plantar foot ulcer after reconstruction. Our closure using a vertical profunda artery patient was a 22-year-old female with spina perforator flap. After six weeks, the patient bifida and a history of club foot and multiple returned for flap debulking and revision. At the previous surgeries to her right lower leg. She three-month follow up, the patient was fitted presented to our wound center with a chronic with the pressure-sensing smart insole system SurroSense Rx® Shoe Pod 34 Pedorthic Footcare Association