Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 30

Biomechanical Analysis of an Achondroplastic Dwarf with Limb Length Discrepancy disease and pain 7 . Although orthopedic interventions such as limb lengthening is common for this patient population, there are related risk factors including fractures, failed union, early consolidation, malalignment, infection, joint stiffness, and an increase in the early manifestation of lumbar spinal stenosis 2, 8, 9 . In this case study the patient did not have any prior surgeries, thus allowing for the attempt to study the effectiveness of conservative treatment with custom molded orthoses; unfortunately, patient failed to follow up. Individuals with this disease should be encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle because maintaining a healthy BMI is a challenge for this patient population 2, 10 . Some of the manifestations of the pathology can be predicted with age, and the complications can be better treated conservatively or surgically with early findings11. A multidisciplinary team approach is recommended with different expertise in order to manage different manifestations of this disease 3 . -PFA "A multidisciplinary team approach is order to manage...different manifestations of this disease." REFERENCES: the American Academy of 1) Waller DK, Correa A, Vo TM, Orthopaedic Surgeons 17: 231-41, et al: The populationā€based 2009 prevalence of achondroplasia 3) Wright MJ, Irving MD: Clinical and thanatophoric dysplasia management of achondroplasia. in selected regions of the US. Archives of disease in childhood American Journal of Medical 189092, 2011. Genetics Part A 146: 2385-9, 2008. 28 4) Hunter AG, Bankier A, Rogers 2) Shirley ED, Ain MC: JG, et al: Medical complications Achondroplasia: manifestations of achondroplasia: a multicentre and treatment. Journal of patient review. Journal of medical Pedorthic Footcare Association