Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 29

BOOTH 301 "Achondroplasia is a complex deformity where static and dynamic gait analysis should be utilized for better diagnosis" length discrepancy, which was the primary causative factor of this patient’s pain. It was a summation of deformities such as extensive tibial varum on the right, pelvic tilt with the right being higher, scoliosis, and genu valgum bilaterally, that caused the dynamic limb length discrepancy during ambulation. The extremities attempted to compensate for these deformities during gait with the right foot remaining in a rigid pes cavus, and left foot in a flexible pes planus; thus, creating a severe pain on the plantar lateral aspect of the left foot. Conservative treatment centered at correcting the chief complaint can be difficult considering the summation of the complex deformities throughout the lower extremities. With time, osseous deformities in the lower limbs alter the joint axes, which cause abnormal anatomical stress to be placed on joints; this leads to the development of degenerative joint 4225 S St. Rt. 159, Suite 1 Glen Carbon, IL 62034 866-798-7463 Hand Crafted Othothics For • Casual • Sport • Dress • Specialty SHOES • 3-D Scanner • Foam Impression Boxes Our Mission Is To Use Innovative Technology, Quality Products And Superior Customer Service That Reflect Our Commitment To Our Customers And Our Industry. Current Pedorthics November/December 2017 27