Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 20

The Importance of Belonging For the purpose of this note to the membership, I want to focus on why you should not only remain a member of PFA or come back if your membership has lapsed, but also encourage your fellow pedorthists to become members. First and foremost, PFA is the only national association solely representing the interests networking event solely dedicated to the pedorthic profession. Where else can you spend three days talking with colleagues, meeting the foremost experts in the pedorthic field and other allied healthcare specialties, and viewing the latest in products and services to help you better serve your patient/client population? "PFA is the only national association solely representing the interests of the individual pedorthic practitoner..." of the individual pedorthic practitioner – PFA is a professional society, not a trade association such as the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA), whose membership is composed of companies and not people. Another reason are the networking opportunities provided by PFA. Sure, it’s taken a hit the past couple of years due to numerous factors, but the Annual Symposium and Exhibition is still, by far, the largest single educational and 18 Pedorthic Footcare Association PFA is one of the foremost providers of continuing educational opportunities to help you maintain your edge – and your credential! Webinars, seminars and the Annual Symposium and Exhibition, in addition to specially featured articles in Current Pedorthics, are all produced to help you become an even better pedorthic practitioner year after year. PFA is the only organization representing the credentialed pedorthist in Washington, DC and the state