Current Pedorthics November-December 2017 - Vol.49, Issue 6 - Page 10

FROM THE EDITOR CHRIS COSTANTINI PFA President Are You Following PFA On Our Social Media Networks? Connect NOW with PFA and Others in the Pedorthics Community! Don’t miss out on the latest announcements and current topics we’re discussing on social media 24/7. W ell, by the time most of you see this issue, the 58th Annual PFA Symposium and Exhibition will be well under way. As it looks, this year is shaping up to be one of the best. We have already scheduled the 59th Symposium and Exhibition which will be held in St. Louis, Missouri in 2018, so be sure to check out the 59th Symposium Special ad in this issue (pg.13). Although this issue of Current Pedorthics is a little smaller than our regular issues, we do have two excellent research articles presented; one on the "medical technology" side and one on the "medical research" side of pedorthics. We recognize from recent surveys the PFA Membership believes is important that PFA promote research that is meaningful and useful in practice. We believe you'll find interesting research that can develop your pedorthic practice. Please, read on and enjoy this issue of Current Pedorthics. For those coming to this year’s Symposium, I’ll see you in Florida! ■ Chris Costantini Executive Editor 8 Pedorthic Footcare Association See what the PFA is doing today on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and O and P Social for the latest industry and practice buzz! Join us by clicking on any icon below! O&P NOTE: Often the "From the Editor" column is an embedded video. If the image above has a "red play button", simply click the "play" button to start the video. There is also included a tran- script below for those that download a hard copy or a printable PDF file. We hope you enjoy this addition to Current Pedorthics and please let us know what you think! Comments or Questions on the video email: cpmagazine@pedor- Any other inquiries email: