Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 9

vendors, this is an event not to miss! To me it is like a homecoming, and a special one given that we have come so far in so brief a period of time. In the past, our financial situation has bound us and prevented us from doing things we needed to do to expand this organization. We have not been able to market PFA or pedorthics in a way that allowed us to grow as we should. Our new budget for 2016 changes that, and as our cash reserves build we will continue to grow the marketing strategies that will benefit the industry and the individual pedorthist, because the two are linked together. On the home front PFA’s strength and presence has not gone unnoticed. We have been invited to events in the healthcare sector, in which we will give input from a pedorthics perspective. Board member Peter Wong and myself will be attending such an event in April (personally funded), and we will report back to the membership. On the international front, PFA has been approached by two countries inquiring about opening PFA chapters. It would seem our success with our Canadian chapter has gotten some attention as well. We will continue to strengthen these international relationships, welcome these new members, and add to our PFA family. PFA is strong, and getting stronger, and the excitement drives us to do bigger and better things. Be a part of this exciting time! Volunteer on one of the committees that are driving this organization forward. Drop us an email or call to see what is going on, or to learn how to be more involved. Be a proud PFA member and come to the symposium in Atlanta to feel the excitement in person. ■ Rob Sobel PFA President Current Pedorthics March/April 2016 7