Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 8

F R O M T H E PRESIDENT Rob Sobel, C. Ped., PFA President ABOUT PFA The Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), founded in 1958, is the not-forprofit professional association which represents the interests of the certified and/or licensed pedorthist and supports the pedorthic profession at large. Through PFA’s efforts, pedorthics – the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices – is a well-established allied health profession which makes an invaluable contribution to public health. MISSION The hard work and changes of the past year are beginning to bear fruit for our organization. We have exciting news about upcoming events to share with you. It is no easy task to run an organization of this size, but we are doing it. We experienced a few of the usual transitional issues, but have the kinks ironed out. We appreciate the patience of our membership during that time. With those issues behind us, we continue to work on bringing you great member benefits, and educational opportunities that will help you add to your pedorthic expertise. PFA’s 57th Symposium will be in Atlanta (a hub city) this November. Last year we did not have the funds to do this on our own. This year is different. We are able to put together a symposium in a location that is easily accessible from anywhere in the U.S., with hotel room rates not seen at a PFA symposium for many years. With easy access, great room rates, a significant number of continuing education points, and all of your favorite "This year is different. We are able to put together a symposium in a location that is easily accessible from anywhere in the U.S..." 6 Pedorthic Footcare Association PFA’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of credentialed providers of lower extremity pedorthic modalities through education; increase the demand for services through marketing; and promote the right to practice through government affairs activities. Pedorthic Footcare Association PO Box 72184 Albany, GA 31708-2184 phone (229) 389-3440 fax (888) 563-0945 email website facebook Pedorthic Footcare Association twitter @pfapedorthics linkedIn Pedorthic Footcare Association google+ Pedorthic Footcare Association o & p social Pedorthic Footcare Association