Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 47

PRODUCTS&SERVICES This reference guide is intended solely to make it easier for individuals, facilities and companies to locate pedorthic products. Companies listed in the guide are PFA vendor/manufacturer members. Companies may produce additional products beyond those listed, and most companies are pleased to provide additional information on request. As a courtesy to our readers, Current Pedorthics has noted the year the company joined PFA in parentheses after the company’s name. Inclusion in this list does not suggest or imply PFA endorsement of companies or products. Vendor/Manufacturer members are encouraged to keep their listing up-to-date. To arrange changes in your company’s listing, email: always been made in the USA. Visit our website for additional products. Acor (1979) Custom and comfort footwear, inserts and materials. Originator of Tri-Lam and P-Cell. Cleveland, OH Phone: (800) 237-2267 Fax: (216) 662-4547 Email: Website: Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. (1973) Aetrex Worldwide has been a supplier of footcare products for 60 years. Aetrex’s brands include Aetrex® and Apex Footwear, Lynco® Orthotics, iStep® and raw materials. Teaneck, NJ Phone: (800) 526-2739 Fax: (201) 833-1485 Email: Website: Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. (1998) Affinity Insurance Services administers the PFA product and malpractice liability insurance program. Designed for pedorthists, insurance protection can be customized for each‑PFA member. Chicago, IL Phone: (800) 544-2672 Fax: (312) 922-9321 Akaishi (2013) Akaishi strives to provide an unfailing level of comfort and satisfaction to each customer. After years of research into the structure of women’s feet and legs, AKAISHI has discovered the key to long term foot care and health. Through rigorous functional testing, each line of Akaishi products is able to afford wearers with unsurpassed comfort and support. Following overwhelming success in Japan, AKAISHI aims to bring comfort and health to the feet of women throughout the world. Gardena, CA E-mail: Website: Amfit Inc. (1996) Since 1977, Amfit has elevated custom foot orthotics in the computer age. From diabetic care to professional athletes and beyond – Amfit 3D contact technology offers innovative, user-friendly tools to create the exact results you desire. From small scale operations to large labs. Where technology fits. Perfectly. Amfit is your custom foot orthotic partner. Vancouver, WA Phone: (800) 356-3668 Fax: (360) 566-1380 Email: Website: Apis Footwear Company (2000) Mt. Emry therapeutic line - accommodate, never correct! We have the shoes to accommodate charcot, edema, hammer toes, bunions & RA. Whether for depth, width or even for shape, select from our variety of styles to fit that special foot of your patient. S. El Monte, CA Phone: 626-448-8905 Fax: 626-448-8783 E-mail: Web site: Arizona AFO, Inc. (2003) Arizona AFO manufacturers a line of medical ankle braces for the treatment of foot disorders. The Arizona AFO line is used by physicians and practitioners as a way to increase mobility, avoid pain, avoid surgery and provide a better quality of life. Mesa, AZ Phone: (480) 222-1580 Fax: (480) 461-5187 Email: Website: Bestsole, Inc. (2010) We manufacture and distribute a glycerinefilled, therapeutic, massaging insole. Our insoles will massage your feet and increase circulation to your feet. They are also excellent shock absorbers for your feet, knees, hips and back. One pair fits in all shoes. Our insoles are machine washable. We offer a two-year replacement warranty. Our insoles have Boynton Beach, FL Phone: (866) 301-3338 Fax: (561) 547-4684 Email: Website: Bintz Company, Inc. (1991) Distributor of pre-molded orthotics, comfort foot products, fitting aids and sheet goods. Products from Birkenstock, Birko Orthopadie, Pedag, Powerstep, Spenco, Pedifix, Knit-Rite, Hapad, Rieckens PQ and more. Wheaton, IL Phone: (800) 235-8458 Fax: (630) 653-5077 Email: Website: Birkenstock USA, LP (1990) Bunion Bootie (2014) Say good-bye to painful rigid splints, pads that do not stay in place, and spacers that are difficult to walk in. Bunion Bootie is the complete bunion treatment package; protective, supportive, comfortable, and not to mention, discreet. Truly one-of-akind in the world of bunion treatments. The newest in bunion treatment to help manage your bunion pain and best of all it doesn’t involve surgery! San Luis Obispo, CA Phone: (877) 208-4540 Email: Website: C.N. Waterhouse Leather Co., Inc. (1998) Manufacturer and distributor of fine leathers, woolskins, suede pig-skins, sheet goods and adhesives for use in the pedorthic footwear and orthopedic industries. Hyannis, MA Phone: (800) 322-1177 Fax: (508) 771-2300 E-mail: Website: U.S. distributor of Birkenstock sandals, shoes, clogs and arch supports, and also representing Footprints shoes and Birko Orthopadie arch supports. Novato, CA Phone: (800) 949-7301 Fax: (415) 884-3250 Email: Website: Brooks Sports, Inc. (2001) Brooks Sports, Inc., is proud of our hardearne