Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 44

DOES DOING YOUR HOMEWORK PAY OFF? " They ones watching out for you is you, and the PFA. " percent of Medicare allowable as the insurance companies decided it should be. One wonders where the other thirty-five percent is going. And to make matters even more interesting, we must constantly check to see if the annual deductible is paid because if it is not, it’s on you too, and you can’t bill the patient for it. Oh, and don’t forget, the two percent withholding for “sequester” that is still being collected for many services. WHAT CAN YOU DO? While this is all very disconcerting, it is the situation as it exists. Practitioners have to base their business decisions on what they want to do and how little they will take for their work. Certainly the cost of obtaining goods has not been reduced even as our reimbursements have not been raised. USE TECHNOLOGY: All insurance carriers now have a website where you can go to do research work. These websites contain a lot of 42 Pedorthic Footcare Association information, though you still will have to wait to talk to a human at some point in the transaction. GO PAPERLESS: The advent of websites also allows you to submit your claims through these websites. You will find out fairly quickly if there is a problem with a claim and then correct it. There are quirks with these programs as well, so be prepared for them. The advantage is that it takes at least two weeks out of the reimbursement schedule by not dealing with paper claims. HIT THE PHONES: Spend the time at the outset to check for eligibility and patient responsibilities. Time is money, your time, your money. Just as the physicians have to practice defensive medicine, pedorthists have to practice preventive insurance reimbursement. Know what you are up against and plan accordingly. The ones watching out for you is you, and the PFA. If you have specific questions, either contact PFA or email to: