Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 29

STANDARDS, SPECIFIC DETAILS & JEOPARDY PART 2 By Dr. Anthony Lazzarino, DPM Health care providers are employed in commercial exchange. The buying and selling of goods and services. As we know, commerce has its challenges. One challenge for a health care provider is inadequate standardization. Standards are important. Standards are developed to certify and expedite agreement, and are then adopted to expedite commerce. Standards enable commerce to proceed predictably, efficiently, and cooperatively. Standardization optimizes compatibility, safety, repeatability, and quality. Formal standards authorize participants to realize gains and make mutually consistent decisions. When an item complies with an agreed standard, there is certification that it is suitable for intended use. Standards enhance the ability to meet needs. Participants in a commercial exchange can communicate with a common understanding. The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) was created to provide: standard descriptive regulation, coded identifiers, and reimbursement schedules for goods and services. The use of HCPCS for transactions involving health care is mandatory. HCPCS Level II Orthotic and prosthetic procedures and codes are a principal force in the marketplace. Current Pedorthics March/April 2016 27