Current Pedorthics March-April 2016 | Vol.48, Issue 2 - Page 16

News and Happenings from the Pedorthic Footcare Association Ronkonkoma, NY – February 10, 2016 – OHI, the leading manufacturer in North America of custom, lower extremity orthotic devices and related products, and the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine (ACFAOM) today announced a joint educational partnership whose mission is to support the podiatric profession at large and to advise on the impact of the rapidly shifting healthcare industry. The partnership is built around a $120,000 education and advocacy grant from OHI for programs that will support biomechanics and the podiatric profession over a four year period. 14 Pedorthic Footcare Association M BER PFA ME EM M PFA MEM BE Dr. Stephen Albert, ACFAOM’s Immediate Past President, commented “The College has been concerned for some time about the decline in emphasis on biomechanics in the schools, residencies, and continuing education programs. We are delighted that OHI, a very responsible company whose brands have all had a strong affinity for podiatric medicine for many years, has agreed to STEP UP! R BE ACFAOM is a national organization of highly educated and trained podiatric physicians dedicated to assuring that primary podiatric medicine, broadly defined as orthopedics and medicine of the lower extremities, is the cornerstone of contemporary podiatric practice. It believes that collaborating with OHI is a powerful stride forward and an important evolution for the 70-year-old organization. Said Jason Kraus, President and COO of OHI, “ACFAOM fills a vitally important educational gap for the podiatric community and we are excited about helping them to achieve their goals.” MBER P ME FA For Immediate Release: The two groups’ innovative alliance will enable the development of consequential educational programs and resources that will assist ACFAOM members, and all DPMs, prepare for the myriad of challenges and opportunities facing them in a fast-evolving healthcare environment. While there exists a wide availability of surgical education and skill development programs, training in podiatric biomechanics is extremely limited. With the majority of podiatric patient encounters requiring some biomechanics-focused skills, the ACFAOM-OHI relationship will address an increasingly urgent need in the profession. FA Multi-Year Alliance creates $120,000 Education and Advocacy Grant Supporting Podiatric Biomechanics and the Podiatric Profession be an ACFAOM Educational Partner to help us bring greater attention to this critical aspect of quality podiatric patient care”. A MEMBER PF P OHI & ACFAOM ESTABLISH UNPRECIDENTED EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP R PFANEWS Join the Thousands of Pedorthic Professional Voices and Support Our Interests and Future: Been away for awhile? Recommending a friend? When you sign-up at any one of the membership levels, you will be seizing for yourself the greatest professional opportunity for acc