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GERIATRICS ISSUE January / February 2017
Volume 49 , Issue 1
16 | Strategies for Getting Paid for Shoes Through Medicare
By Terry Reed , BOCPD Terry has been successful at adapting to Medicare ’ s changes in documentation requirements for reimbursement for shoes being provided their patients who have diabetes . He shares some of his strategies with us to weather the audit storm .
22 | Pedorthics for Winter Sports
By Jeff Jacobs BOCPed In parts of the country not blessed with year round warm weather , winter sports enthusiasts provide pedorthists with an opportunity to put their skills to use to enhance performance and increase enjoyment . The footwear and forces acting on the foot are different than those normally encountered when one is dealing with street shoes and this gives the pedorthist the change to push their problem solving skills . Jeff gives us an overview of the footwear used in several popular winter sports .
30 | A Pedorthist in Haiti
By Christopher M . Cole , C . Ped “ What I learned on my trip to Haiti .” Chris recounts his experience travelling to Haiti to distribute shoes with Soles4Souls .
34 | Alternative Foot Care
By Tara Mina , C . Ped ., RYT Are your next referrals going to come from an acupuncturist ? Maybe , if you remain open minded and partner with clinicians in various alternative care disciplines . Tara explains the basic principles behind manual therapy , acupuncture and reflexology / acupressure .
" By inserting needles into specific points
along these meridians , practitioners
believe it to re-balance your entire system .
Acupuncture is said to treat Achilles heel
tendonitis , ankle arthritis , ankle bone pain ,
ankle pains , ankle tendonitis , foot bone
pain , foot discomfort & sprains ."
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