Current Pedorthics January-February 2017 | Vol.49, Issue 1 - Page 27

cushion for met head comfort . Metatarsal support in the form of a shallow met bar is often employed . Leather figure skate can be stretched mechanically with stretching designed differently with classic boots being lower cut and having a more flexible sole to allow for “ toe off ”. Skate boots are generally higher cut and often with a rigid cuff to solution to accommodate prominences and width issues . Performance hockey skates may be heat molded . Heel lifts are rarely a good option in this snug fitting footwear . It is generally best to add the lift between the skate blade and the boot sole so as not to change the ramp angle of the foot .
Nordic skiing has two forms , classic and skate . Classic skiing is a more linear activity like walking and running while skate technique is more like ice skating , employing medial forces on the feet . The boots are provide more lateral power . The skate boot sole is stiff with almost no flex at the ball . People suffering from forefoot problems like hallux rigidus and limitus are prone to have similar problems in classic boots while people with bunions , sesamoiditis and navicular pain are likely to have similar problems in skate boots . As with ice skating , orthotic intervention is very appropriate to addressing these issues . Again , I recommend a rigid shell of nylon or carbon proximal to the metatarsal heads with a 2mm top cover and 2mm forefoot cushion like the ice
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