Current Pedorthics January-February 2017 | Vol.49, Issue 1 - Page 12



Terry Reed , BOCPD
Terry Reed is a certified BOC Pedorthist working for Caldwell HME , Wynne , Arkansas . Reed is the only certified pedorthist in an eight-county area serving the Mississippi Delta region of that state . He can be reached at terry @ caldwellmax . com .
Jeff Jacobs , BOCPD
Jeffrey Jacobs , a BOC Pedorthist is the owner of Foot Dynamics , a pedorthic clinic and shoe store ; and Advanced Casting Technology , a central fabrication orthotics and custom Birkenstock lab . located in Boise , ID .
Mr . Jacobs ’ background includes five years as general manager of Peterson Laboratories and Ascent Technologies , Northwestern University Medical School for Pedorthics , completion of the Locomotor Biomechanics and Applied Orthotics Therapy program of the American Physical Rehabilitation Network , participation in clinical conferences of the Foundation for Podiatric Medicine and American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society .
Mr . Jacobs has an extensive history in skiing as well as being an avid road & mountain cyclist , trail runner , hiker and paddler .
Christopher M . Cole , C . Ped
ChristopherM . Cole was born and raised in southern New Jersey . He graduated Clemson University in South Carolina with a BS in Business Management & Minor International Entrepreneurship
After working 5 years for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company , Christopher discovered Pedorthics through the Foot Solutions franchise and opened a store in Estero , FL in 2007 . Christopher describes his experience in Pedorthics as , “ A wonderful and rewarding learning experience and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help so many people each day .” Christopher has resided in Southwest Florida since 2002 with his wife and two daughters .
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