Current Pedorthics January-February 2017 | Vol.49, Issue 1 - Page 10

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Welcome to the news everyone ! It is a new month in a new year and this is a new issue of Current Pedorthics Magazine ! This year ’ s Geriatric Issue has some great meat and potatoes that you can “ put to use in your practice or store tomorrow ! From research based guidance on how equinus may be causing the arch pain in your patient to expanding into the winter sports performance enhancement world , there is something for everyone .
Your PFA Publications committee has been doing a bang up job of finding higher and higher quality articles to share with you . Those individuals are Tammy Daulton , Tara Mina , Dean Mason , Ben Nebrosky and Rob Sobel . They look high and low to find authors and articles that will have real meaning to you . If you see them , thank them . If you know one of them , give them an article . If you don ' t , here are the article submission guidelines :
" Article Submission Guidelines " ( click link below ): http :// c . ymcdn . com / sites / www . pedorthics . org / resource / resmgr / CurrentPedorthics / CP _ Submission _ Guide2017 . pdf
Submit an article , they would love to help you share your knowledge with the rest of the pedorthists out there !
Please enjoy the issue !
■ Chris Costantini
Executive Editor
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