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X66819 Current LES’ CUSTOMER NEWSLETTER JUNE 2017 Customer Service: 402.475.4211 Power Outage: 888.365.2412 - Toll Free Nebraska811 (call before you dig): 811 - Toll Free 1040 O Street, P.O. Box 80869 Lincoln, NE 68501-0869 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday Lincoln Electric System Harness the power of the sun Residential, General Service and Heating Service customers have the chance to benefit from the sun’s energy without having to install solar technology on their property through Virtual Net Metering, Lincoln Electric System’s latest money-saving program. Invest in “virtual” solar panels — representing a portion of the actual energy generated by the LES community solar facility — and you’ll begin receiving a monthly credit on your energy bill. Get started by finding out how many virtual solar panels you qualify to receive at Virtual Net Metering ELIGIBILITY Offered to Residential, General Service and Heating Service Customers HOME INSTALLATION None AFFORDABILITY $685 per “virtual” panel* BILL SAVINGS $38/year* Residential estimate BOTTOM LINE >> MORE Bill credit based on facility performance and investment * Visit for pricing and program details. Year 1 prices shown + tax. GIVING BACK City of Lincoln (PILOT & CDFUO) Lincoln Public Schools Lancaster County Waverly $9.4 $8.3 $1.9 $0.3 $1.9 $1.9 The residential summer rate for 2017 is $0.0956 per kilowatt-hour. View commercial summer rates, which vary by customer type, online at $0.3 $0.3 City of Lincoln (PILOT & CDFUO) Lincoln Public Schools Lancaster County City of Lincoln (PILOT & CDFUO) Lancaster County Electric rates are higher in the summer because customer electricity use increases significantly across the region to power air conditioners, and to ensure customers continue to have adequate and reliable electricity, power plants that run infrequently during the rest of the year are utilized to meet this added demand. City of Lincoln (PILOT & CDFUO) $9.4 Higher-cost fuel and maintenance Lincoln Public Schools $8.3 expenses are required to run Lancaster County $1.9 these Waverly facilities. As the additional $0.3 costs are only accrued in the summer, they are not included in winter rates. $9.4 $9.4 $8.3 $8.3 Lincoln Public Schools LES’ summer electric rates will be in effect for all energy consumed between June 1 and Sept. 30. 2017 TOTAL $19.9 MILLION LES gives money back to the community each year through its payment in lieu of tax, distributing it proportionately based on shares of property tax rates, and city dividend for utility ownership. (Dollars in millions) Summer rates in effect Waverly $8.3