Current Fapas Water and Environmental (Leap) Programme - Page 31

Fapas Water and Environmental Ordering Information Notes: a) The dispatch date shown is our planned dispatch date. You will be notified by email if any of the tests you order are delayed or cancelled for any reason. The majority of test close dates are 2-4 weeks after dispatch. b) Closing dates for registrations for proficiency tests in the Fapas Programme are located with the timetables. c) Indicate a contact name and email address against each test you order, otherwise the name given will be used. d) The approximate quantity of test material we will supply is given for each test. If your method needs more material please indicate the number of extra test materials you require. There is a charge for additional test materials. e) The purchase of extra test materials does not entitle you to receive an extra performance assessment. You must place multiple orders for the test if you require this service. Additional notes: i. Dispatch a) All samples are dispatched by courier to reduce the time taken for the sample to reach your laboratory. b) If appropriate samples are packed in insulated boxes together with ice blocks to prevent them undergoing large temperature fluctuations in transit but are they not transported in refrigerated vehicles. Even if these samples do not arrive refrigerated they will still be acceptable for use as they will have been chilled for the majority of their journey. c) Please contact us if your courier dispatch has not arrived within 4 working days. d) The tracking number of your courier consignment will be sent to the email address given for the sample contact and the delivery contact for that test. The message will indicate how to track the consignment. e) Airway Bill Numbers are also available from the participant’s secure pages on the Fapas website. f) It is the responsibility of a participant to monitor the progress of their courier dispatch. ii. Import / Customs a) We are not responsible for damage or loss of test materials due to problems in customs or for import fees. b) If you require special import permits for importing certain types of test material into your country please inform us at least 3 weeks prior to dispatch date. There is a charge for this service. c) Phytosanitary certificates can be provided for plant based products where appropriate. There is a charge for this service. iii. Results a) Participants generally have 2-4 weeks to return results after a test material is dispatched, except Fapas drinking water chemical emergency. b) Result submission will only be allowed via the Fapas website. iv. Reports a) The cost of the test includes access to an electronic copy of the report for the person placing the order and designated sample contact. b) Reports are normally available on our website within 25 days of the closing date of the test. c) The reports are in PDF format and are secured by a digital signature. Adobe Reader version 7 or greater is required to open these files. 31