Current Fapas Water and Environmental (Leap) Programme - Page 16

Fapas Water and Environmental Drinking Water Taste & Odour Chemical Identification This programme is aimed at testing the capabilities of a laboratory to analyse a chemically contaminated drinking water sample for completely unknown compound(s) which may produce a taste or odour. Participating laboratories should NOT undertake any taste (organoleptic) testing as the samples supplied may contain toxic chemicals Participants will be sent a drinking water sample contaminated with chemical(s) known to produce taste and odour problems, together with a corresponding ‘blank’ drinking water sample. Please note, the ‘blank’ sample is supplied solely to allow the laboratory to compare the background matrix of the contaminated drinking water. Participants are required to submit responses to the following questions: • What taste and odour producing chemical(s) are in the drinking water? NB participants should not undertake any taste (organoleptic) testing • What is your estimated detection limit for this chemical? • Where may this chemical have originated from? • What methods were used to detect the taste and odour contaminant(s)? Results must be e-mailed or faxed to Fapas ® . The closing date for submission of results will be 3 weeks from the start date for the exercise. Once per year a Discussion Forum is held at Fera, York, to discuss the outcomes of each taste and odour contamination test. The meeting is an important opportunity for participants to share information on detecting the contaminant(s) present. The cost for participating in the meeting is included in the price for participation in this test, with a maximum of 2 people per organisation attending. Chatham House Rules apply at these discussion forums. 16