Current Fapas Water and Environmental (Leap) Programme - Page 13

Fapas Water and Environmental Drinking Water Microbiology The samples supplied are lyophilised vials, which require reconstituting with your laboratory’s own sterile deionised water. Depending on your order up to four samples may be supplied for each distribution: Sample A: For Total Coliforms & Escherichia coli, this sample contains Escherichia coli and another coliform organism. Sample B: For Colony Count (22°C/3 days), Colony Count (37°C/2 days). Sample C: For Enterococci together with Clostridium perfringens* AND Pseudomonas aeruginosa. *NB another Clostridium/Pseudomonas species may be added to test laboratories’ ability to confirm Clostridium perfringens / Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Organism Identification: 13 This is a lyophilised vial which requires rehydrating. The vial has been inoculated with a Gram negative rod-shaped organism but please note, occasionally a Gram positive organism may be used. The organism chosen is one which is routinely recovered from water.