CurlyKids Magazine CurlyKids Magazine: Summer 2016 - Page 54

Twist Hairstyles

The go-to bedtime hairstyle for beautiful sleek curls the next day

Braided styles looking too complicated? Well try the two strand twist. Twists make great school girl styles and are known to be realtively easy for most who attempt them. For a simple twist style, try securing the hair into ponytails with elastic hair ties, then simply carrying out a two stand twist technique. There are also so many cute ways to dress up your twist style by adding accessories when initially securing your ponytails or by creating several twists! Starting twists from the scalp is also another way to acheice this style. This method is commonly used as a protective





style or bedtime hair-do. What can result in a great twist style for bed?... a great TWISTOUT for the

next day!