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With the winter months fast approaching, it's time to put those curls away into some styles that will keep them moisturized and protected from the elements. Twists are a simple, yet protective hairstyle. They are versatile, creative and very easy to do! They can even last for several days without much maintenance. Perfect for those early school mornings!

There are many ways that you can twist your child's curly hair! A simple two strand twist is a very quick and easy way to lock in moisture and keep those curls safe. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try many different styles based around the twist including a three strand twist and flat twist. Each different style creates a unique look.

Twists are a very versatile style because there really is no right or wrong way to do them! Experiment, have fun and let your personality shine through! There are endless different styles to create and enjoy! Twists are also a great style to wear all your favorite accessories with, bobbles, clips and bows... the possibilities are endless! As well as being easy to create, twist styles

can stay in for several days which means less stress on those tresses! They can be easily refreshed and can also be transformed into a twist out style!

A twistout style is created by unravelling the twists from the ends up to the roots creating a defined curl without frizz. A twistout style is best achieved by allowing the twists to completely dry before unravelling, and it's also good to apply some oil to your hands before unravelling to help prevent frizz and achieve the perfect twistout!

Twist styles are great for children of all ages. They are very simple to do and also do not require a lot of time to complete! Which is great for moms on the go!

"Your Curly Kids are sure to love experimenting with twists, and I am sure you will enjoy all of the benefits of this amazing protective style!"

|by Gemma Sears

Twists 101: Anyone Can Do It!