CurlyKids Magazine CurlyKids Magazine: Summer 2016 - Page 39

Bun Hairstyles

Bun Styles are great for keeping the hair out of your face all day

The sweet classic bun! Hair pulled back and secured low behind the ears or high in a top knot on the head, it's a timeless hairstyle! The bun is a great style for your curly little ones because it's so versatile. There are so many ways to create a bun. Sleek gelled back sides and creating a braided knot, rolled knot, twisting knot or even the messy knot are all great ways to wear this style! Buns are also an easy style for those moments right before your next wash day. When the hair starts to become a bit unmanagable, creating a messy bun is a great stress-free style. Looking for something more classic? A bun hairstyle is the way to go! Try sectioning off the hair and create french braids into a high top knot. This style is great for school or playtime, there are no limits!