CurlyKids Magazine CurlyKids Magazine: Summer 2016 - Page 34

I often get asked what product I use on Kingsley’s curls. The simple answer is CurlyKids Haircare! These are our absolute essentials, CurlyKids Super Detangling Shampoo – I try to wash his hair as little as possible as over washing leads to dry, brittle hair. Once a week to one a fortnight (two weeks) is ample. Some of the shampoos I’ve tried in the past you can literally feel the hair drying out as you’re washing it. This doesn’t happen with CurlyKids. CurlyKids Super Detangling Conditioner is used after the shampoo, but we also co-wash with this regularly. CurlyKids Curly Deep Conditioner is super moisturizing so we only use this approximately once a month as King’s hair is quite soft, but this would be an absolute dream for your little ones with very dry hair. CurlyKids Curly Crème Conditioner is our life saver! We use this on a daily basis, I moisten the curls by spraying with water then rake this leave in conditioner through with my fingers! The CurlyKids Curl Defining Lotion is lighter than the crème conditioner, we use this to get the beautiful definition of his curls when they are looking a bit flat, or on the ends when it’s tied back to really make the curls pop. If you didn’t already know, Denman brushes are the best for curly hair! The boar hair bristles, the one on the left (photo below) is ideal for styling as it slicks the hair back,

"Your Curly Kids are sure to love experimenting with twists, and I am sure you will enjoy all of the benefits of this amazing protective style!"

Caring for Kingsley's Curls

|by Lindsay Pulford