CurlyKids Magazine CurlyKids Magazine: Summer 2016 - Page 27

The go-to natural style for a classic look

Cute, Curly and Natural!

Afros are ageless! They never go out of style

Afro, 'fro, or even the "natural"...all names for that awesome head of curly/kinky/frizzy hair! Since its fame in the sixties, this hairstyle reigns supreme for all who can rock their curly manes loose and free! The fro can range in size and shape, from short cropped tiny curls to a big full bouncy head of hair. There are so many advantages with this style. Many find this style easy to manage with little maintenance for curly hair. It's completely natural! Basic maintenance is involved if you have regular trims to maintain your style and general hair care steps like cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing are always