CurlyKids Magazine CurlyKids Magazine: Summer 2016 - Page 18

Intricate designs to create a beautiful protective style for young curly haired cuties




Curly girls need hair style options, and braids are always a great choice.

Braids are a go to style for putting away and protecting those beautiful curls. Today, braided styles are so versatile and the variations are so numerous. As a result, there are now braiders and braid salons popping up all over. Practicing your braiding techniques on your little one can start with a simple one or two braided school style. Practicing a simple three strand technique can lead to so many additional techniques like french braids or microbraids. Creativity with partings, patterns,

and various techniques can lead to

endless possibilities.



We can't forget all those cute little guys out there rocking their curls too! Today's little guys have so many adorable style options. Classic haircuts with crisp geometric edges and curly tops are always so adorable. But now the trendy little curly girl can rock his curls short or long! Keeping your little one's curls long can lead to so many new cool trendy options like curly ponytails, braids, little man buns, fros, and so many styles. Curls aren't just for girls, these little guys today are rockin' their curls in a firece way.


One of the simpliest hairstyles for little girls since the beginning of times. What little girl hasn't worn the classic ponytail or pigtail look? Low ponytails, high ponytails, one ponytail or two they all look great with curly hair. Please be sure to keep those curls safe from damage when securing your little one's curls. Never put too much pressure on fragile curls with with tight or non elastic type bans. This hairstyle is so versatile and can go from a casual, sporty style to a very dressy sleek style in just minutes.