Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture Volume 12 Number 1 (Winter 2016)

erutluC fo ygoloehT eht rof lanruoJ A C U L T U R A L E N C V O L . N N T . And More! E R 1 AAR Symposium on Robert K. Johnston's God's Wider Presence: Reconsidering General Revelation with Panelists Joy J. Moore, Douglas Jacobsen, Beth Felker Jones, Anna Robbins, Paul Louis Metzger, with response and additional interview from Robert K. Johnston; With Essays by A.J. Swoboda, Daniel Lee, and Derrick Peterson. U 12 O Laudato Si': Paul Louis Metzger interviews Peter Casarella, Steve Kolmes, and A.J. Swoboda on creation care and Pope Francis' Encyclical; O S