Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture Volume 11 Number 2 (Summer 2016) - Page 116

VOLUME 11 NUMBER 2 2016 Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace By Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon. Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group, 2015. 242 pp. $22.99 hardcover and $4.24 paper. Religious switching is happening more frequently in America according to a survey by the Pew Forum. Pew reports that the choice to change religions may be as high as 42 percent. Another Pew survey indicates that interfaith marriages are becoming more common, and that new marriages are more likely to bring together spouses from different religious traditions. All of this takes place against a backdrop where mainline Protestant Christianity is declining, and non-Christian religions in the United States have grown. Although they are a small part of the religious landscape, their adherents are increasingly exercising their rights for expression in the public square. In light of this context, how do we navigate the interpersonal challenges of multifaith relationships? Faith identities are an important part of how we see our families and ourselves. Imagine the heartbreak of a parent who discovers that their adult child has FV6FVBFVfRFR&VƖvW2fFbFV W'&vrBf֖ǒ7F'W6vRf"FW"F22FR&6G&f"VFfFVCW6ƖFVvFW"W"6&7FFW"FV"FFV6RFRf&Bf"FR&2&6Bf'F6W&W2bW6vW0&WGvVVG&6BFW"BFVvFW"v2&6VB6&7FR'WBgFW"vrF6VvR6Rw&VBvFW F76F6f7FvF6&7FGBWfVGVǒ6fW'FVBF6vV6&VBW"WvfVBfFvFW"&VG2W"FV66v2BvV&V6VfVB'F7V&ǒ'G&6( 2FW"Bv&Bvp6&7Fw&FW"FRW6vW2&WGvVVG&6B&W6VBW&Wbf֖ǒV&W'27G'VvvƖrvFFRV'F6RFV62@6VvW2bfvFr&VƖvW27vF6rBVFfFf֖ǐ&VF62B7W'&6vǒ( 26fW'6F6'&VvB6fƖ7BFFVvFW BFW"( vR6WFVBVVBBFV&FVBf"W'>( b&V62V&ǒFV"F67W762&vVǒFFRf&bFVv6@vWF2FV&FW2G&66&W2r6R&Vv6V7Fr&26&7FFVwvWF72BF7G&RBf&W2F&VG2`&wVVBg&FW6R6W&6W2vW&R6&VB6fW'6F2BRFV vFF2&V6VFrb&VƖvW26fƖ7BFV"FVv6&GFW06fW&VBf֖Ɩ"FW'&F'&WGvVV6&7F2BW6Ɩ3FR&VƖ&ƗG@WF&Gb67&VBFWG2FRGW&RbvBFRFVFGb6&7B@66W&2fW"6VV֖vǒ&VƖvW6ǒ7&VBfV6RFRF72@DGGGF&rc3SSC"00