Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture Volume 11 Number 2 (Summer 2016) - Page 11

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2 A JOURNAL FOR THE THEOLOGY OF CULTURE communion.8 Such worthy consumption entails unity in charity in Christ’s community. It would also entail charity in our interactions with the world at large involving food. As we consume Jesus in the Mass or Eucharist, may he consume us to fight against base consumption and pursue holy and just forms of communion. Such communion will bear profound significance for the struggle to provide quality food to the human masses in our world today. 8. In an Easter sermon (227), Augustine writes, “If you have received worthily, you are what you have received.” St. Augustine, “Easter Sermon (227),” in Sermons on the Liturgical Seasons, vol. 38, The Fathers of the Church, A New Translation, trans. Sister Mary Sarch Muldowney (New York: Fathers of the Church, 1959), 196. 8