Cultural Encounters: A Journal For The Theology Of Culture Volume 11 Number 1 (Winter 2015) - Page 132

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 1 A JOURNAL FOR THE THEOLOGY OF CULTURE Holy Spirit—use the things that have been gifted to them and work with them in an ongoing pattern of call and response. Each one of us, he therefore argues, is both an artist, who is constantly improvising, and a work of art: “I contend that we are all artists, that our very lives should be seen as art, and that we should live liturgically in service to God and neighbour” (17). In this way, Benson affirms what could be called an “artistic priesthood of all believers,” in which it is not only the professional artists who are called to employ their imaginative gifts, because everyone should be living according to an improvisational faithfulness. This book was published as part of Baker Academic’s The Church and Postmodern Culture series (edited by James K. A. Smith), which explores the impact of postmodernism upon the faith and practice of the church. In this regard, Benson is adept at G&vrW6W'FfVGW&W2b7FFW&6vF2&wVVBf"WRRVvvW2vF2vV&pvFW.( 2VFW'7FFrb( ( s( 3s7VW2FW'&F( 2F`( ƗFW&&ƗG( CBVV2&( 2V62W( vgN( SB&V6( 2Ɩ6FbFR6FVv'b&f6FVgVǒ6G&'WFW0FW"VFW'7FFrbVG( 2'F7F27FfG2R&vFǒFW2V26V&ǒFB7&VFR"RFR6RvFBFRG&VRv@FW2&FW"W"7&VFfR&f6r2v2&VB'v&rvFvfVFW&WBW"r'F6FW2vN( 2v7&VFfRW62f"&V6F2VF>( F6WvBVVƖfVB6V6^( GFB&Vp7&VFVBFRvRbvBV2fr'F7F2&ƗFW3( ŴB6VV26V FB'BbvBBV2F&R7&VGW&W2FB&V"FRFfRvR2FBvP&RƖWv6R'F6>( FFFRV2( Ɩ&f6F( FVFW'7FB6W'F7V7G2b6&7N( 2֖7G'7V62W7W>( 2G&vrWBFW7FVBFWG22FVƖrb&&W2"FR6W&FRVBआvWfW"F2&V6W2&R&&VF2vV&V6ƖW2FR66W@b&f6FFFRG&VRvN( 27Bb7&VF2R7FFW2( Ɩbv@FW2B6ǒ6WB&VƗGF'WB267FFǒffVBFB&VƗGFVvB2( &f6W.( F( #b7V6ff&FbvB2খ&f6W"2667FVBvFF2bvN( 2vrffVVBFPv&BF&VvFfR&fFV6R'WBbF&f6RV2Fv&vFvfVFW&FVF26VBfRFW"6vf6BFVv666WVV6W2f"WR2&V66VbFW2B6VB&RFW'&WFV@FVFBvBFBB7&VFRFRVfW'6RW斆"( WBbFr( Ц'WB&FW"f&VBFR662g&&VW7FrGFW"vRFRF7G&R`7&VFW斆2&VVFV&FVBBFW2F&VvWBFR6W&6( 27F'@&V2'BbG&FF6&7FF7G&R#