cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 5

editor's letter Welcome to our 7th Issue of Cult of Self Magazine. This issue we tried to have as little copy as possible but still let you have an informative experience with our included videos. Quite some extensive research of the skater scenes from back in the days led us to compile a “top 10” skating videos from the past 20 years. Some include iconic skateboarders and some were just ‘something’ else at the time. KLûK CGDT released their Autumn ‘15 collection named “big in JAPAN” at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO (MBFWT) 2015. Check out their collaboration with Levi’s® and the amazing result in the video. Talking about Japan, we met with ‘the Southsiders’, who did a trip to Tokyo and met their counterpart engine obsessed brothers. Q/A Cult of Self also did a little selection of mainstream motorbike producers that we strongly feel everyone should have driven at least once in their life. From Ducati to BMW, and from Royal Enfield to Moto Guzzi. Let us know your thoughts. A little personal favourite are these 2 finds. One is the amazing VOLVO LifePaint, well how can I explain it, you spay, and it might save your life. Check it out. founder and editor-in-chief GIUSEPPE RUSSO The second one is the Halfbike II, I don’t know why they called it half, as it should be double. Double fun, double practicality. I hope you will enjoy this issue and thanks for popping in. Giuseppe Russo.