cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 19

‘Japan was a really important trip for me and also for moreFIRE. It was my first time working internationally and it has done amazing things for cementing our place in the fashion industry. Tokyo was completely overwhelming, every single day. Within the first five minutes of walking the street, you’ll come across the coolest looking person you have ever seen. The guys and the girls just really go to the next level to try and stand out from one another. With the trip being our first international production and not having too many connections, we set about finding models, MUA’s and hair stylists using social media. One friend introduced us to another friend who introduced us to another friend… and the next thing we had a team. There was a lot of pressure around language barriers and some difficulty with location permits, but ultimately it all just worked out... Misaki Hara, our hair and MUA, was insane!’ – Grant Payne Check out the video by moreFIRE, which takes you around the world and behind the scenes of “TOKYO BY NIGHT”. Credits: Production: moreFIRE - Photography: Grant Payne - Styling + Producer: Jeandre Venter - Hair + MUA: Misaki Hara - Model: Ariel @ d'Xim model agency - Wardrobe: KLuK CGDT + LEVI’S®