cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 15

Borras also comments: ‘Sensory overload and mental shutdown is your biggest enemy.’ Do you resonate with this? These feelings are caused by the exceptionally short duration of the trip. You then become like a recorder, which will be able to analyse some time after the trip. Anyway those Flash trips are always extremely enriching. Out of all the bikes, vintage cars, motorcycles, café racers, random treasuresyou came across -what would you most want to take back home with you andwhy? (for example - style, design, heritage, iconic status, a truly rare find) Rather than bring objects, currently the most important for us is to build good relationships with the right peoples. What’s next on the agenda for you two and the rest of the Southsiders crew? Since that trip in December, we went to München in Germany, at the BMW Power plant and spent some good times with our friend Ola.Last week we were in Los Angeles for the Inspiration show, my personal favourite, but that's another story!